Our History

Lucas Products Corporation makes quality, innovative products for professionals...proudly made in the U.S.A. since 1957.

The 1950s

Lucas Products Corporation was founded in 1957. The primary nature of the business was manufacturing coated fabrics for use as heat-sealed mending tapes and patching materials. Other products were manufactured or distributed including Diaper Do, Tem (household disinfectants) as well as Sunnies Eyeshields for sunbathers. In addition the firm acted as an inventors marketing company.

The 1960s
Super Sunnies EVO Eyeshields

In the early 1960s Super Sunnies Eyeshields were introduced. Super Sunnies soon found a specialty niche market application as they were well suited for use as sunlamp goggles to be sold with home sunlamp kits manufactured by General Electric, GTE Sylvania, Westinghouse Electric, and others.

The 1970s
Fabri-loc products

We expanded our textile division. And in 1979 the tanning salon concept was brought to the U.S. from Europe and sales of the Super Sunnies Eyeshields grew exponentially.

The 1980s
Food and Drug Administration Logo

The market for sunlamp goggles in the 1980s redefined the company. We claimed our stake as the industry leader in manufacturing goggles for the indoor tanning market. The FDA wrote new regulations for sunlamp safety at that time and because Lucas Products Corporation had already been manufacturing eyeshields for the industry for many years, we were instrumental in assisting with the creation of new laws. Our goggles meet the highest eye safety standard in the world for ultraviolet (UV) eye protection.

The 1990s
LUCASOL One Step Hospital Grade Disinfectant – Gallon

LUCASOL One Step Hospital Grade Disinfectant and the tools to help salons use the solution correctly were introduced in the early 1990s. In 1997 we developed LUCASOL Instant Hand Sanitizer, launched new colors in our textile division and introduced the LUCASOL Hand™ Touch-Free Dispenser.

The 2000s
Super Sunnies Teaser

In 2000, Super Sunnies iGEAR eyeshields were developed specifically for the indoor tanning market. Their one-piece construction and transparent jewel tone colors, developed from research on the benefits of using color in mood therapy, made Super Sunnies iGEAR eyeshields the new standard for indoor protective eyewear.


Lucas Products Corporation was purchased by Robert Urfer, beauty industry professional with a background in sales and marketing. Robert is committed to expanding the organization's product offering in response to the evolving needs of salon, spa and beauty professionals while maintaining integrity in safety, price and manufacturing in the USA.

Lucas Acrylic Gallon & Quart

Lucas Acrylic Cleaner and Super Sunnies EVO Flex were launched to meet the expanding needs of the tanning and dermalogical markets. Lucas Acrylic Cleaner was invented as an answer to cleaning tingle tanning lotions from tanning beds while Super Sunnies EVO Flex offered tanning enthusiasts as well as patients of red light therapy a protective eyeshield with slimmer eye cup made from a flexible polymer.

LUCAS-CIDE concentrated disinfectant product line

Born from a desire to create the highest available pathogen-killing disinfectant at the lowest price per use in the salon, spa and beauty industry, LUCAS-CIDE concentrated disinfectant product line hit the market in 2013.

Lucas -Cide RTU Gallon & Quart

In response to demand within the beauty, tanning and gym industries, we launched LUCAS-CIDE #222 RTU. This popular disinfectant requires no mixing with water and kills germs and viruses in 60 seconds.

Disinfectants for Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Disinfectants became an absolute necessity to combat Human Coronavirus (COVID-19) during the pandemic of 2020 and beyond. As an essential business, we proudly and safely stayed open to supply our disinfectant products to our clients. All of our disinfectants have been rigorously tested and appear on the EPA's List N: Disinfectants for Coronavirus (COVID-19). We stand in humble gratitude for the trust our clients have bestowed upon us to keep themselves, their employees and their clients safe now and always.

2021 and beyond

We are dedicated to continue evolving our product offering to exceed the expectations of the beauty industry with our made in the USA promise.