LUCAS-CIDE Product Line

LUCAS-CIDE Concentrate

LUCAS-CIDE Concentrate Salon and Spa Sanitizer and Disinfectant (available in pink or blue gallons and quarts) was invented to save salons money. This economical product mixes with water and a little goes a long way (1 gallon yields 256 gallons!). It’s excellent for disinfecting tools that require soaking like nail and hair implements, pedicure spas and it’s even safe to use for disinfecting make up brushes. This pH neutral formula is available in pink or blue and appears on the EPA’s List N: effective in killing COVID-19 in 10 minutes. Use it at the end of the day on major surfaces such as floors, in restrooms, and staff kitchens/break rooms when disinfection time won’t disrupt client services.

1/2 ounce mixed with 1 gallon of water will
provide the correct solution mixture.

Cost-effective! One gallon makes 256 gallons
of diluted solution; one quart makes 64 gallons!


Use LUCAS-CIDE #222 RTU to eliminate downtime between clients. Acid-free and ready to use, this formula is available in gallons and quarts and requires no mixing with water. This non-abrasive product is bactericidal, fungicidal and viricidal. It’s on the EPA’s List N as effective in killing COVID-19 in 60 seconds and kills a slew of other pathogens such as H1N1, HIV-1, Hepatitis B Virus, Hepatitis C Virus, Herpes Simplex 2, Staphylococcus, Salmonella, Pseudomonas, Canine Parv, E-coli, Poliovirus Type 1 and much more. Disinfect high-touch areas like client chairs, shampoo bowl areas, reception area seats and tables, nail stations, pedicure chairs, and tanning beds in 60 seconds in between clients.

Lucas-Cide Concentrate

Our Standards

LUCAS-CIDE hospital-grade disinfectants were developed to save the beauty industry time and money. Our disinfectants appear on EPA List: N Disinfectants combating coronavirus and offer the highest available pathogen-killing power at the least cost per use in the industry.
LUCAS-CIDE concentrate EPS registration number: 10324-141-3974. Lucas-cide DIN Registered in Canada: 02463180
LUCAS-CIDE #222 RTU EPA registration number: 1839-83-3974

Get Certified!

Our SAFE SPACE Certifications for LUCAS-CIDE and LUCASOL demonstrate your dedication to providing safe services in the hair salon, nail salon, spa, barbershop, tanning salon, gym, and professional make up industries. Through these free educational certifications you will gain knowledge, confidence, and best practices for proper sanitization and disinfection. Each virtual course takes only 8 minutes to complete and will award you an official certificate to display in your business.