LUCAS-CIDE Concentrate Disinfectant – Gallon

LUCAS-CIDE Concentrate Disinfectant is extremely economical – it mixes with water and a little goes a long way (1 gallon yields 256 gallons!). This salon disinfectant is excellent for disinfecting tools that require soaking like nail and hair implements, pedicure spas and it’s even safe to use for disinfecting make up brushes. This pH neutral formula is available in pink or blue and appears on the EPA’s List N: effective in killing COVID-19 in 10 minutes. Use it at the end of the day on major surfaces such as floors, in restrooms, and staff kitchens/break rooms when disinfection time won’t disrupt client services.

Size: 128 fl. oz. (Gallon)

Color: Pink and Blue


LUCAS-CIDE Concentrate Disinfectant is hospital grade. Achieve full disinfection of bacteria, viruses, and fungus in 10 minutes. This is the most effective, least cost per ounce product available in the beauty industry. For use on nail implements, pedicure spas, combs, shears, massage tables and any other hard surface which needs disinfecting or sanitizing. Mix 1/2 ounce of LUCAS-CIDE with one gallon of water. EPA Registration number: 10324-141-3974