Salon Cleaning Requirements

How Clean Is Your Salon?

The scene is familiar…Bravo’s Tabatha Coffey doing a walk through of AnySalon, U.S.A. during the “Inspection” portion of the hit show, “Tabatha’s Salon Takeover”. Within moments she is horrified and disgusted by the state of the salon environment and lack of cleanliness. She’s there as the business itself has lost touch with its customers, lost its experience and is in trouble. So often we overlook the little things that speak volumes in terms of our appearance. Within a very short period of time a salon or spa environment can become unsanitary, unappealing and potentially harmful to our clients and our staff.

LucasClean Tip #1

During weekly scheduled meeting with staff, start by evaluating the salon’s image. How is your curb appeal? What do customers see when they walk in the door? When they’re in the chair? Sometimes stepping back from the hectic pace and looking objectively can help highlight problem spots.

Breaking the Pattern, Making a Routine

Salon owners and managers absolutely understand the importance of providing clients with relaxing, luxurious and worry-free salon experiences.  Beautifully designed salons and meticulous customer service provide an ambiance that your clients value which helps build customer loyalty and contributes to increased retail sales. But beyond studio design and customer service, the most important element driving a positive experience is a clean and spotless salon.   And it is essential to your salon’s positive image. The professional salon and spa environment embodies a critical set of surface and soil combinations which present a unique set of cleaning challenges …challenges that only a program designed for this consumer-facing venue can overcome. Professional salons require professional grade cleaning solutions that are environmentally sensitive, fragrantly clean yet not overpowering, and safe for clients and employees.    Not the everyday household cleaners and supplies available at club stores and big box retailers

The Tree of Life

The Tree of Life is a universal symbol of interconnectedness. It serves as a reminder that everything we do and say affects other things and other people. Even our buildings can affect us positively or negatively.  The health of a building affects the efficiency and happiness of our employees. The cleanliness of our facilities affects our clients’ perceptions – and since perception is reality it affects retail purchases, customer loyalty and overall perceived value. And the environmental sensitivity of our cleaning chemistry affects the overall health of our planet. There is no unimportant task in business. And there is no product so insignificant that it is worth discounting its importance or value. Everything affects everything. Image is everything and we make everything for your image. At Lucas Products, we embrace the concept of the Tree of Life as our guiding principle.