Toledo, Ohio – November 17, 2023 – Lucas Products Corporation, manufacturer of disinfectants and personal safety products, today announced that LUCAS-CIDE® Salon & Spa disinfectant was chosen as a finalist in American Spa’s annual 2023 readers’ choice awards. Thousands of spa decision-makers voted via write-in survey to share their picks for the top products, manufacturers, and more. 

“It is an honor to have spa industry decision-makers nominate LUCAS-CIDE as a finalist in American Spa’s ‘Favorite PPE Line’ for a second consecutive year. We are committed to offering disinfectants that are gentle on equipment, the environment, and the wallet. As always, our number one priority is to protect everyone in the spa environment from current and emerging pathogens,” said Robert Urfer, Owner and President of Lucas Products. “Thank you to those who voted and to American Spa.”

The LUCAS-CIDE® product line includes LUCAS-CIDE Concentrate Salon & Spa Disinfectant, LUCAS-CIDE Thyme, LUCAS-CIDE CA, LUCAS-CIDE Wipes, LUCAS-CIDE RTU and LUCAS-CIDE TB. All of our disinfectants are on the EPA’s List N and List Q. LUCAS-CIDE is available for purchase through Lucas Products Corporation’s distribution network or at

For more information, please contact Lucas Products Corporation at for your disinfectant and personal safety needs. 

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