Usage Instructions

The Super Sunnies® Eyeshields are designed exclusively to protect the wearer against high-altitude and solaria as well as medical UV-radiation sources. The user/patient is lying under or is sitting or standing in front of the UV-radiation source.

Directions for Use

  1. Before use the elastic must be threaded through both eyelets and knotted together. The length of the elastic should be adjusted to the required head size. Any excess elastic should be cut off.
  2. Before the UV-radiation source is turned on, you should put on the Super Sunnies® Eyeshields and adjust it so as to cover the entire eye region of both eyes completely, and no scattered lateral rays can penetrate into the eye region.
  3. Please observe that UV-radiation can lead to a very painful form of conjunctivitis. Therefore never look at a UV-radiation source with your eyes unprotected. Further note that UV- radiation is invisible to the human eye and you can therefore not evaluate the degree of the hazard. Judging the UV hazard by the visible part of the radiation is always misleading.

Damaged Super Sunnies® Eyeshields with fracture lines, holes or bleached-out areas should not be reused. As soon as you notice such defects, you should use a new pair of Super Sunnies® Eyeshields.