Wearing proper protection while tanning isn’t just healthy…it’s also the law. Learn about the risks to your eyes from tanning in this great news report. The original and still the world’s best selling UV eye protection, Super Sunnies® Classic Neon Eyeshields have offered uncompromising protection for your eyes both indoors and outdoors since 1957. Protect yourself and your eyes with the most reliable eyewear on the market.

Super Sunnies® Protective eye goggles have been used for many years by dermatologists, plastic surgeons, light therapy manufacturers, estheticians, and many others. Being the leader in this category has offered us the opportunity to be featured on T.V. shows such as Entertainment Tonight. Over the years we have created goggles for different applications with red lenses, green lenses, opaque lenses, stainless steel lenses, and more.